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At Bryant and Bleier LLP, we recognize that  choosing the right divorce lawyer is probably the single most important decision a client must make.  Finding a lawyer that both listens to your needs, and knows the law can be a daunting task that I acknowledge is often only the first step in either a "war of the roses" divorce or a "conscious uncoupling."   We are a team of lawyers that will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and devise a realistic plan that helps you successfully to navigate the emotional process of "conscious uncoupling," without the exhorbitant expense of a "war of the roses" divorce.

We believe that our clients are intelligent individuals who know the facts of their case better than anyone.  We work our clients using a very collaborative, down to earth approach which results in not only strong advocacy in court but also 24/7 attorney support by email, text and cell phone on the critical issues impacting your divorce.


Naturally,  if a client is paying thousands of dollars for effective representation in their family law matter, it is not unreasonable to expect the attorneys at the law firm to be knowledgeable, reachable, and proactive. There is nothing worse  than feeling as if your attorney either does not care about your case or  is not devoting enough attention  to it.  At Bryant & Bleier LLP we return client phone calls, text messages and emails in minutes, not days. 

We often assume cases from other attorneys  in which I am surprised to discover that my predecessor never took the time to:

  1. Sit down with the client for an hour or two for the purpose of getting the specific relevant facts of their case.  Spotting the legal issues which will likely be in dispute well in advance is critical to moving your case forward quickly and efficiently.
  2. Explain to the client how much the process is likely to cost in terms of legal fees, expert fees (if necessary) and other court costs.
  3. Explain to the client the law in  the State of New York  (Domestic Relations Law  "DRL")  as it relates to a particular topic.
  4. Explain to the client proper behavior inside and outside of the courtroom while going through the process of divorce or dealing with a custody and access issue.
  5. Explain to the client what the realistic outcomes may be in their particular case. Unrealistic expectations ultimately cost the client enormous legal fees chasing an outcome that is simply not attainable.
  6. Explain to the client how we can work together to achieve their goals in an ethical, efficient (both economically and time wise) and legal manner.
  7. Advise the client as to who will be working on their legal matter and make proper introductions to support staff.

Due to the nature of family law, our attorneys are available to our clients 24/7 via telephone, text message, and email.   In the event that a legal matter should need to be addressed immediately, we will respond within minutes.  In today's digital world, it is not accceptable to leave a client hanging when a genuine emergency occurs outside of usual business hours.  We also recognize that  clients are often working themselves and sometimes the best time for them to speak privately about their personal matters is at the end  of their work day.


We want our clients to be educated on the law in the State of New York as it pertains to their divorce or family law matter. Whether its a custody and access matter, domestic violence, valuing marital assets, splitting a business, valuing a license, alimony (known as maintenance in the State of New York) or child support, we are prepared to take the time necessary to explain the legal issues facing my client in a manner that an intelligent non-lawyer can understand.

Divorce is a totally foreign and scary process for most people.  As a result, the anxiety that develops from  fear of the unknown is very disturbing.  It is our experience that explaining to a client what to expect from the outset, creates ease and provides the client with the emotional tools necessary to navigate the unexpected turns that may take place during the divorce and which are beyond their control.

We take the time with each and every client to explain:

  1. How we start a divorce, what papers need to be prepared and filed with the Court or whether we can begin negotiating a settlement without going to court.
  2. What a client needs to do before filing for divorce that may place him/her in a superior bargaining position after the case begins.
  3. What financial documents and other financial information are necessary and will help the client’s case.
  4. Domestic Relations Law in the State of New York as it pertains to a particular topic.
  5. What techniques we can employ to negotiate a beneficial settlement.
  6. What happens at a trial and how to properly prepare for one.


From the outset of a divorce, many clients feel as if it is the fight of their life.

At Bryant & Bleier LLP, we endeavor with each client to be knowledgeable, accessible and available for them  in each and every step of the journey.  We  listen to their needs and advocate for their position at every point in the process so that we are experiencing it together and navigating effectively.

Advocacy is supporting your cause by pleading your case before the court.   If the judge finds that your position is more credible than that of your spouse, you will achieve a better result  in your divorce.  If the judge does not “like” you or does not believe your claims, you are not likely to achieve a good result.

Preparation is crucial to effective advocacy.  To that end, it is imperative that we both do our homework.  You are an important and integral part of your legal team.  Assisting our office to prepare your legal documents by promptly providing us with the information and documentation necessary as soon as it is requested will not only reduce your legal expenses but also allow us to focus our time and effort together on qualitative legal analysis that will yield a winning legal strategy for your case.  At Bryant and Bleier LLP, we do not universally advocate a single methodological approach to all family law matters.  On the contrary, we work diligently and intelligently for each and every client that we represent with the underlying  core belief that each family unit is unique and quality representation  is the result of thoughtful and thorough preparation and teamwork.

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